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Tunnel construction

Project: Hamburg Elbe Tunnel, A7 highway

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Tunnel-building brochure

Click below to download our brochure on tunnelling solutions and our reference project, the Hamburg Elbe Tunnel

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Axel Tank
Sales & Engineering
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Sales & Engineering
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Hamburg Elbe Tunnel project, A7 highway – safety from the North for the North

Equipping tunnels 1–3 of the Hamburg Elbe Tunnel with System Schröders T90 fire doors was as exciting as it was challenging for us at Wiedemann. These doors were made of stainless steel with 69 mm thick door panels and internal stiffeners also made of stainless steel. F90 stainless steel walls were installed with integrated T90 service bays in custom design.

Apart from that, T90 ceiling flaps with smoke protection were installed into the fan channels and ceiling area above the road surface, along with T90 wall flaps specifically developed for road tunnels in front of emergency and service bays in the new Elbe Tunnel.

Wiedemann fire doors are suitable for any fire risk area. Protection from sudden outbreaks of fire and smoke is especially important in tunnels, where adequate safety is vital.

Tunnel-building brochure

Click below to download our brochure on tunnelling solutions and our reference project, the Hamburg Elbe Tunnel

Download brochure (PDF)

Safety in stainless steel – doors in the tunnel

Our Wiedemann stainless steel doors are not just robust and durable in hostile environments, they also provide reliable protection at all times in fire-prone areas. The materials used in emergency and escape routes in tunnels play an important role, and stainless steel doors from Wiedemann meet the specific requirements for fire and smoke protection in escape and rescue routes.

We manufacture doors for traffic tunnels according to the latest German TL/TP TTT guidelines for doors and gates in road tunnels. The basic design can be used in fire-retardant closures for service and emergency bays, doors in escape and rescue routes, and as ceiling flaps in ceiling openings.

We provide a variety of frame geometries for different installation scenarios without requiring any standard geometry; we also supply fire protection elements for access to fan channels. Stainless steel provides excellent resistance to most environmental influences – combined with robust fittings, stainless steel ensures reliable operation and low maintenance.

Options include products that are air-tight up to class 4 and soundproofed up to 45 dB. All of our doors are separately subjected to testing after assembly, and given a quality label.

Fire protection – especially important in the tunnel system

Fire doors from Wiedemann are highly resistant to hostile environments, making them particularly suitable for use in tunnels. We provide other stainless steel products for tunnel construction – angle sections and supports, panels, covers, drainage systems, and custom designs in highly corrosion-resistant materials. We also supply a variety of custom solutions for specific requirements. 

We ensure high product quality by applying continuous development. We have staff specifically trained for installation requirements in tunnel systems, all available from a one-stop shop – consulting, dimensioning, manufacturing, installation, acceptance, and commissioning with the operator. We provide our own service technicians for our Wiedemann stainless steel products, keeping reaction times short in case of malfunction. 

As a capable partner for custom room enclosures according to DIN and EN, we provide the following:

  • Fire protection T30, T90 according to DIN 4102, EN 1634
  • Smoke protection according to DIN 18095
  • Emergency exit doors in accordance with EN179, EN1125
  • Doors without any special requirements

We recommend the following products for use in this area:

  • Hinged fire door T301
  • Sliding fire door FST301
  • Hinged smoke protection door RSN1
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