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Brochure "Manhole covers & pipe leadthrough"

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Manhole covers & pipe leadthrough

Manhole covers

Close shafts and drains with absolutely safe stainless steel drain covers from Wiedemann-Technik. Depending on which drain or channel you need a cover for, you can choose a cover with or without ventilation tower, a safety plate cover or a surface of your choice.

Our drain covers are tested in accordance with DIN EN 124/DIN 1229-06, so that you can rely on their safety. With drain covers that are capable of being driven over, and drain covers with optional surfaces, silicon seals are fitted on the head section as standard, along with scuffing resistant VA/brass screw and nut combinations, so that they fulfil the highest hygiene specifications.

We can also supply drain chutes that can be subsequently installed into existing shafts. For outside areas we provide rainproof shaft covers with or without vapour hood. These can only be opened from the outside using a special spanner, but can be opened from the inside without the aid of a spanner or any other tool. This provides the best possible covering from the outside. Serial-production covers are manufactured with hidden hinges and a compressed gas shock absorber to facilitate opening.


Pipe leadthrough - the perfect solution for seals for buildings

Stainless steel pipe ducts from Wiedemann-Technik can be used wherever pipes and cables are fed through at various different levels. Pipe ducts are needed in the most varied of areas, from tunnel construction to food processing. This means that by using a suitable pipe duct, service and supply lines can be optimally fed from A to B.

Our pipe ducts are supplied with individually adapted inner tube diameters and tube lengths. If desired we can also manufacture our pipe penetrations with adhesive and clamp flanges conform to DIN 18195-9. The stainless steel surfaces are available stained or shot-peened with glass pellets.

We also offer models tailor-made to your specifications.

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