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From workshop to industrial enterprise

Wiedemann GmbH: Chronology

From workshop to industrial enterprise 

Wiedemann GmbH founded by Carl Wiedemann. 

Carl Wiedemann focuses on installing dairy equipment, riding his bike to Husum’s surrounding dairies.

First Wiedemann workshop built in Husum’s Parkstraße.

New strategic partner covers sales in Southern Germany.

Dairy gully model 51 developed in collaboration with Kiel dairy research institute.

Cooperation with Köster based in Heide, Germany, begins; first request for a model 51 in stainless steel – two hundred needed in a new dairy building.

Heating production promoted; switching cabinets and panels for boilers already constructed in stainless steel; ever-increasing requests for gully spare parts.

First sludge traps developed in stainless steel; more resistant due to the material used; significant developments in machinery with a punching and nibbling machine purchased from the Netherlands. 

Model 71 (identical to model 51) developed with a double odour trap to allow inspection of odour trap intactness from outside. 

Parkstraße property sold and a new building constructed in Husum’s industrial estate on Siemensstraße – increasing orders warrant the move.

Black material eliminated, only stainless steel used from now on. 

The first extension on Siemensstraße completed, plasma cutting machine purchased; the premises have since seen fourteen extensions, and the property has been enlarged seven times.

Klaus Wiedemann, son of company founder Carl Wiedemann, takes over as the company’s general manager and sole proprietor.

Heating construction has gradually diminished, and is discontinued.

The product range is constantly evolving to include hygienic and interior elements as well as as doors in stainless steel; marketing focus on channels and gullies.

Emergence of a custom stainless steel products manufacturer: Klaus Wiedemann went to the customers, listened to what they had to say, and worked with them to find a solution. “Purchasing our first laser in the 1980s gave us a major boost,” says Klaus Wiedemann.

Continuous product development and optimisation requested by customers and fulfilled by the company.

Wiedemann staff sees continuous growth with regular extensions to the premises providing the additional floor space needed.

Training quotas gradually increase to address demographic developments. 

Company has grown from a staff of 15 to 20 on Siemensstraße to more than 200 today.

The new millennium sees the first collaborations with companies abroad to tap into the opportunities provided by the export market. 

Technical centre built and inaugurated on Gutenbergstraße, with state-of-the-art workplaces for new design activities to make daily work easier. 

New hall built exclusively for constructing switching cabinets to optimise production.

Wiedemann GmbH: Chronology

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