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Brochure "Crash guards & edge protectors"

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Crash guards & edge protectors – essential protection for building preservation

Protect doors, doorframes, corners, and especially light-construction walls such as panel walls in commercial and public buildings with Wiedemann-Technik skirting or edge protectors.

Wiedemann-Technik manufactures skirting protectors with outer angles of less than 45°. Doorframe protectors are available as 45° or 90° versions. Wall anchors on the inside assure a secure connection, and the abraded surfaces assure visual perfection. Standard for our skirting protection are the angled chamfer and vertical floor section. If you require prefabrication of a chamfer above the floor covering, you can have our skirting protection with a back sloping chamfer.

As far as edge protectors are concerned you can choose between a square or round version for external or internal corners. Assembly is easy and visually appealing due to the perforated mounting strips which are also suitable for subsequent plastering or tiling over. The polished surface protrudes up to 3,000 mm along the whole length.

We manufacture individual skirting protector or edge protection pieces to meet your specifications, and to the highest visual requirements.

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